In 1888, Jack the Ripper, prowls London’s East End, leaving bloody slaughter in his wake. A century later, History repeats itself. Marie Kelly is haunted by horrifying dreams in which she is pursued through the gloomy alleyways by a dark shadow that seeks to destroy her, as it once did her near-namesake, Mary Jane Kelly. Marie experiences Mary’s terror and despair as her own.

The two series of murders are linked fundamentally in a way that the police cannot prevent – even if they identify the modern killer, even if they kill him. Marie and the Ripper are ‘Chained in Time’. As Marie’s personal crisis grows, a young Authorised Firearms Officer, W.D.C. Julie Rutter, is assigned as her bodyguard.

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Nine years have passed since the then Detective Constable Julie Rutter faced a modern-day Jack The Ripper as he made to destroy his final victim, Marie Kelly, in ‘Chained in Time’. Rutter, now a Chief Inspector, returns to London to find herself investigating three murders, all committed with the same weapon, but not by the same killer. Letters are delivered from the killer.

One of them is to Rutter’s closest friend.
In this second book in the series, we learn more of Rutter’s story, why she got her reputation as a cold fish, and of the awful dream that haunts her sleep night after night — something alluded to in the first book, but revealed in this one. 

Her investigations lead her into a web of intrigue where little is as it seems. Even her reasoning is in doubt, as a deeper and yet more sinister motive becomes apparent.

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Several months on from the dramatic shootout on Box Hill, D.C.I. Julie Rutter’s nemesis is due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey. That will see him out of her life forever. Or will it? Nothing is quite as it seems in this new thriller as Julie’s past comes back to haunt her yet again, and places her life, as well of those of the people she loves, on the line again.

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Following on from her narrow brush with death at the hands of psychopathic genius, Kevin Mallory, Detective Chief Inspector Julie Rutter finds herself pitted against an even greater foe on a larger canvas than ever before. Literally. Assigned to investigate a major Art theft, she discovers that the case crosses frontiers and takes her to the Austrian Alps, where an even more sinister scenario begins to emerge.

As the investigation escalates and falls apart around her, she has to face questions about her own future – even whether she has one at all.

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Julie Rutter has left the police force and begun her quest to bring down neo-Nazi serial killer and terrorist, Julian Radcliffe, assisted by her friend, Trudi Hammond and the newly released Terrry Fisher, a hacker.

‘The Secret Angels’ begins where the previous Rutter book, ‘Rutter’s Revolt’ left off: a mere two days later, on Christmas Morning 1998.

Rutter is now in isolation, cut off from her partner, Alex Lawson, and most of her friends, lest Radcliffe target them. Her objective takes her back to Austria where Radcliffe has devised a plot so devious, and so immense in its ambition, that none could foresee it.

The Secret Angels is the fifth of David Waine’s Rutter books.

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Rutter, Reborn begins where the fifth book, The Secret Angels, left off. Former Detective Chief Inspector, Julie Rutter, and her artist friend, Trudi Hammond, have been honourably discharged from MI6, following their mission to Austria to bring down neo-Nazi serial killer, Julian Radcliffe. They have also teamed up with that rarest of beings, a black Russian. Natalia Nicolayevna Ivanova has been granted British citizenship and taken the name, Anna Torrance. She is the surviving half of the most formidable hacking partnership on the planet, Lebed. The three of them begin a new life in London as the Secret Angels Private Investigation Agency. Before that, however, Rutter must reveal herself as having come back from the dead.

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Following on almost directly from the previous volume, ‘Rutter, Reborn’, ‘The Hunted Angels’ pits the Secret Angels Private Detective Agency (Julie Rutter, Trudi Hammond and Anna Torrance) against the Russian Mafia. In it, Anna’s past, when she was Natalia Nicolayevna Ivanova – also known as Lebed, the hacker – comes back to haunt her as Moscow-based gangsters, whom she has previously attacked, hunt her down to her new home in the UK, thirsting for vengeance.
‘The Hunted Angel’ is the seventh instalment of the Rutter Books.

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