Monthly Archives: February 2021

A Hundred and Twenty Thousand.

‘The Hunted Angel’ now tips the scales at 120,173 words, according to Word’s word counter, which may or may not be totally accurate. It is only a few days ago that I posted having passed the 115,000-word mark, which shows how things are developing. When I start writing at this speed,

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I have now passed the 115,000 word mark. I don’t know what the 115,000th word was because I was already more than 400 beyond it before I realised. It makes no difference really. The work has still to be edited so whichever word occupies that landmark when the book is published will almost certainly not be the one that occupies it now.

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One Hundred and Ten Thousand

I have just typed the 110,000th word of ‘The Hunted Angel’. It was ‘an’. You can determine from that that the 110,001st word began with a vowel. It was ‘announcement’, which is a bit more interesting, but not much.

It does represent a milestone, though. It means that I am finally into the last 10,000 words of the novel.

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