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‘A King’s Head’ now in Palatino

As promised in my last post, the first trilogy of ‘Avalind’ books, ‘A King’s Head’ has now been reissued in its smart new Palatino livery. This applies only to the printed editions, of course. The Kindle editions are published in Bookerly (as are all Kindle ebooks) but readers are able to change that to a selection of other fonts (one of which is Palatino,

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Avalind Books Switching Fonts

I have been doing a bit of housekeeping on the print editions of my ‘Avalind’ fantasy books. The text remains identical, so there is no need to repurchase if you already have them. What I have done is change the typeface, or ‘font’ as they are usually called these days (inaccurately,

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Hunted Angel On Track Again

My seventeenth book, currently entitled The Hunted Angel‘is under way properly at last. I began writing it soon after the previous Rutter book, The Secret Angels, was published in 2018. I had to shelve it when I reached the 30,000 word mark because I discovered that I was not writing one story,

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Rutter, Reborn Published

I am delighted to confirm that my sixteenth book, Rutter, Reborn, has passed all its tests and is now on sale all over the world in Kindle, epub (Apple, Nook, Kobo etc.) and paperback editions. Check it out on the Rutter Books page of this website for full details,

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Rutter, Reborn Proofreading

Hi once again. It has been a long gap through Lockdown, but I have been busy completing my sixteenth book, Rutter, Reborn. This takes over where its predecessor, The Secret Angels, left off, and chronicles an early major case in her newly-formed Secret Angels Private Investigation Agency.

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Revising Amazon Entries

Hi. Now that the site is up and running, I have been checking my output on Amazon which, not surprisingly, is where the bulk of my sales are to be found. The Kindle and paperback editions of each book are supposed to be listed together on my author page, so a simple click on the link in this site will take you to that book’s entry,

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Welcome to my site

My name is David Waine. Welcome to my website and my very first blog post.

I am an author, specialising in Fantasy fiction and Crime Thrillers, although I also have a satirical comedy anda collection of short stories to my name.

I am based in the north of England,

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