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My new book, The Hunted Angel, is now available to the entire market. Until today, it was published on Amazon only, in ebook (Kindle) form and paperback. From today, it is also available from (wait for it): Apple (Apple Books), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo and reading libraries,

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Eureka! ‘The Hunted Angel’ is published at last. It should be live, as a Kindle ebook, on Amazon by the time you read this. The paperback will follow in a couple of days. For reasons best known to Amazon, it takes longer to clear a paperback book for publication.

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Cuzzie’s real name is Diane, but she is my wife’s cousin and known as ‘Cuzzie’ to one and all. Even our kids called her ‘Auntie Cuzzie’ when they were small. For all that, she is my proofreader because she is nothing short of ruthless when assessing my work –

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Things are moving on rapidly now. I have moved on from trawling through the text backwards (which was a chore, believe me) and have run the Grammarly check. Grammarly is a free download. There is also a paid-for version, which offers more features, but I don’t use it.

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Not me, the book. As I mentioned in a previous post, the first draft topped out at over 138,000 words, which was about 20,000 more than I was expecting. Ever since, I have been editing to get rid of any bloat. And there was some. I still have around 150 pages to go and the total had dropped to just over 125,000 words.

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Going Backwards

I have completed the third pass and am in a good position to bypass the fourth altogether. Only a handful of pages remain without any alterations whatsoever – literally less than ten out of more than four hundred. There is no need to stage a full scan for so few pages,

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Second Pass Completed

I have now completed the biggest two passes of the whole editing process. These both involve reading the entire book from beginning to end. The first was done onscreen, the second on a printout with a coloured highlighter. Printing a substantial block of text out helps to focus the mind and makes the process of ferretting out those examples of poor writing that should never have been there in the first place.

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Editing Under Way

First, let me apologise for the typing error in the previous post. I typed ‘whole’ where I should have typed ‘while’, resulting in a sentence that made no sense. Both are actual words, so the spelling checker did not highlight it. The ‘i’ and ‘o’ keys are adjacent to each other on a standard QWERTY keyboard,

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First Pass Completed

With the first draft of the book completed, I have begun the lengthy process of editing. This will involve numerous passes, going in both directions, until the book emerges in its final form.

I finished the First Pass this morning. I went through the whole book onscreen,

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A flurry of writing over the past few days has resulted in the first draft of the book being completed! Not two minutes ago. I have literally just had time to save the document.

The whole book clocked in at 138,340 words, the last of which was over.

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