Hard Covers

If you like your books to come in hardback form, mine are being made available that way, in addition to their Kindle, ebook and paperback editions. To date, four titles have been issued: Rutter’s Revolt, The Secret Angels, Rutter, Reborn and The Hunted Angel. The remaining books will be issued at intervals over the next couple of weeks. As is the case with all of my books, they will be available in all of Amazon’s stores, worldwide, as well as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and online libraries, such as Scribd.

Hardback books cost more than paperbacks, mainly because they are more expensive to produce and transport (those thicker covers mean that fewer of them can be packed into a transit case). In addition to that, they have to be properly bound instead of simply glued into the cover, like a paperback. On the other hand, they are much more hard-wearing, and should last for many years, assuming that they are stored properly on a dry bookshelf. This, of course, makes them excellent gifts.

As the books become available online, I will update the links on this website so that you can order them directly from your chosen outlet.

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