Monthly Archives: January 2022

Hard Covers

If you like your books to come in hardback form, mine are being made available that way, in addition to their Kindle, ebook and paperback editions. To date, four titles have been issued: Rutter’s Revolt, The Secret Angels, Rutter, Reborn and The Hunted Angel.

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This book is now 94,000 words (or 321 pages, if you prefer) long, and it has just been given its third title. Titling a book is harder than you might think. Obviously, the title must be related to the content in some way, but there are also other considerations. For one thing,

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90,000 and Counting

Third post in little more than a week. A couple of days ago, I hit 300 pages on my master manuscript, and now I have passed the 90,000 word barrier. The next one is the big one: 100,000 words, and I will pass that one as well. The current total is 90,013 words and the 90,000th was only.

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300 UP!

This is unusual for me. Two posts in four days. Well, a landmark has been passed, so I thought I may as well mention it. I am now working on Page 300. That equates to significantly over the 85,000 words I mentioned in the last post. The overall figure currently stands at 87,947,

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Back to Work

I took a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. I didn’t stop working, but had a rest from the current book. I went back over some of my published works and checked them. I had revamped them all earlier in the year. To my horror,

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