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First upload in a while, I am afraid. The new book is on hold at present because my brain is currently devoid of good ideas. The situation will resolve itself soon enough but, for now, that is the way it is. I am not idle, though. In fact,

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Hi. It has been a while since I last blogged, but that does not mean I have been idle. In my last post, I mentioned that The Author’s Manual had been reissued. This was to include recommendations on how to use Apple’s word processor, Pages, if you don’t have a Mac.

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It has been something like three weeks since my last post, but I have not been sitting idle. As well as doing a bit of housekeeping on my published works, improving their appearance slightly, I have been working on a revamped edition of The Author’s Manual.

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Another Allegiance has clocked up its initial sales and reviews will follow in due course, I am sure.

Currently, I am doing a bit of housekeeping on my other books, not rewriting them, but improving their appearance a little. I republished The Author’s Manual a couple of weeks ago and it looks like I will need to do a bit of revision on that in the near future as well.

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Another Allegiance is on sale worldwide. The ebook editions (Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook and online libraries) went live yesterday and they were joined by the paperback and hardback editions on Amazon this morning.

It went through a few last minute changes following consultation with my proofreader,

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Cuzzie has had problems, not caused by me, I hasten to add. A task that would normally have taken her a week took three because next door was having building work done. Therefore, her reading was conducted to a gentle, blissful background hum of sledgehammers, electric saws and power drills.

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Site Updated

Another Allegiance is still away with Cuzzie. She is nothing, if not thorough. Her progress has been hampered, apparently, by next door installing a new kitchen so she found it impossible to concentrate while all the banging and crashing was going on.


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After more than a month of intensive editing, the book has now gone off to my proofreader for checking. That job belongs to ‘Cuzzie’ my wife’s cousin, who is the only person I know who I can rely on to be ruthless in her assessment. Editing is where so many independent writers fail.

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Editing is now well under way. I have completed the first two passes. As you may remember, the original first draft clocked in at 130,171 words. The total now is 121,044, a reduction of over 9,000 words. It actually fell to just over 119,000 at one point,

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Another Allegiance, Cover

As promised, the cover. This took quite a bit of searching but, as usual, Dreamstime came up with the goods. The first problem was Bruno. I needed a picture of a young man in a Wehrmacht uniform, who wasn’t wearing the familiar coal skuttle helmet,

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