Cuzzie has had problems, not caused by me, I hasten to add. A task that would normally have taken her a week took three because next door was having building work done. Therefore, her reading was conducted to a gentle, blissful background hum of sledgehammers, electric saws and power drills.

Nevertheless, she has done it somehow and I have the result.

And the result is… needs work.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with it. It won’t need a comprehensive rewrite, just a bit of attention here and there to bits where I stopped being a storyteller and reverted to what I used to be – a schoolteacher. It is one of my worst habits. I have a very wide general knowledge and I can’t resist showing it off on occasion.

Nonetheless, I have the opportunity to put that right before anyone else sees the book, so that is what the next day or two will be spent doing. Most of the work is fine, as it is. It is just a few passages that need to be trimmed or polished. Look to see it on sale next week. I know that I once predicted a publication date in February, and it is now June, but better to get it right first, eh?

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