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First Pass Completed

With the first draft of the book completed, I have begun the lengthy process of editing. This will involve numerous passes, going in both directions, until the book emerges in its final form.

I finished the First Pass this morning. I went through the whole book onscreen,

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A flurry of writing over the past few days has resulted in the first draft of the book being completed! Not two minutes ago. I have literally just had time to save the document.

The whole book clocked in at 138,340 words, the last of which was over.

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This book is turning out to be longer than I thought it would. The 130,000-word marker passed about 350 words ago without my noticing, so I don’t know what the word was, not that it matters.

I am right in the middle of the climax,

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125,000 – and a cover

The 125,000 word mark has now been passed. That means 10,000 words in about ten days. Bearing in mind that one of those days saw no writing at all because I was busy doing other things, it looks like I am speeding up.

I am almost to the end of Chapter 23.

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A Hundred and Twenty Thousand.

‘The Hunted Angel’ now tips the scales at 120,173 words, according to Word’s word counter, which may or may not be totally accurate. It is only a few days ago that I posted having passed the 115,000-word mark, which shows how things are developing. When I start writing at this speed,

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I have now passed the 115,000 word mark. I don’t know what the 115,000th word was because I was already more than 400 beyond it before I realised. It makes no difference really. The work has still to be edited so whichever word occupies that landmark when the book is published will almost certainly not be the one that occupies it now.

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One Hundred and Ten Thousand

I have just typed the 110,000th word of ‘The Hunted Angel’. It was ‘an’. You can determine from that that the 110,001st word began with a vowel. It was ‘announcement’, which is a bit more interesting, but not much.

It does represent a milestone, though. It means that I am finally into the last 10,000 words of the novel.

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100,000 Words Written

I have just typed the 100,000th word of The Hunted Angel. For what it is worth, the word was think. It won’t remain that way, of course, because the manuscript must be edited, and that will change everything. This leaves somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 words to go,

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95,000 Words

‘The Hunted Angel’ now clocks in at 95,102 words, and the 95,102nd word is ‘day’, but it won’t stay that way because the work still must be edited.

By the time that the first draft is finished, I expect that it will be in the region of 120,000 words,

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90,000 Words and 300 Pages

As of this morning, I am 300 pages into the new book, The Hunted Angel. That equates to 90,000 words. As I type this, I am slightly over that figure – 90,086, to be precise. With what I have left mapped out in my head, there should be about another 30,000 to go before I can begin editing the completed manuscript.

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