One Hundred and Ten Thousand

I have just typed the 110,000th word of ‘The Hunted Angel’. It was ‘an’. You can determine from that that the 110,001st word began with a vowel. It was ‘announcement’, which is a bit more interesting, but not much.

It does represent a milestone, though. It means that I am finally into the last 10,000 words of the novel. I cannot guarantee that because the first draft will probably run over the 120,000 word target, by the time that everything is written, but it will be edited down afterwards, so I expect an overall length of somewhere between 115,000 and 120,000 words when it is published.

Which shouldn’t be too long now. I expect to have the first draft complete in a couple of weeks, then comes editing, which will be as long again. Then comes proofreading, which takes a while because I cannot do it myself. My proofreader is my wife’s cousin, whose real name is Diane, but she is universally known as Cuzzie. Then comes final checks and publication. The actual publication can be done in a day. The hard bit is making sure everything is right before I commit. I always, ALWAYS, find something wrong after clicking the Publish button and have to republish a corrected version almost immediately. Hopefully, before anybody buys a copy. That’s life.

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