Yearly Archives: 2021

80,000 UP

I have now passed the 80,000-word mark. Appropriately for a story set during World War ll, the 80,000th word was ‘Germans’. At least that means something. It could just as easily have been something banal, like ‘if’ or ‘very’.

Having already met briefly earlier in the book, Bruno and Alice are about to encounter one another again,

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I passed this figure more than two and a half thousand words ago, but I was so engrossed in what I was writing that I didn’t notice. The story has now moved on and the Battle of Britain is raging. The book sees it from two viewpoints, those of Bruno and Alice,

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60,000 WORDS. 202 PAGES

I reached a landmark this morning when I passed the 60,000 word point. The 60,000th word was ‘which’, but the actual total now stands at 60,009, the last of which is a rather more interesting ‘submerged’.

More significantly, it means that I have definitely passed the halfway mark.

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50,000 WORDS

To be precise, the total now stands at 50,031 words, and the last one written was ‘cryptographers’, which is a much more interesting word than the banal conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns that usually claim these distinctions.

A New Allegiance now tips the scales at 170 pages,

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40,000 and still going

A New Allegiance clocked up its 40,000th word this morning. I don’t know what that word was, but the 40,086th was willpower. As ever, that is unlikely to remain the case because the work will be revised, edited and redrafted repeatedly before it is ready for publication.

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As mentioned in the previous post, which was incorrectly entitled ‘First Landmark’ (it was actually the second – sorry), the new book is intended to be in two parts. This is something that I have done a couple of times before in my ‘Rutter Books’ series. ‘Rutter’s Revoilt’ and ‘The Secret Angels’

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I have reached my first landmark. A New Allegiance is now one hundred pages long. Experience has taught me that the first hundred pages are the hardest to write – and the hardest of them all is the the opening one. Once they are done, it gets easier.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, the provisional title of my new book, Bruno’s Choice, was unlikely to survive. It was too similar to Sophie’s Choice, and may have given the impression that the plot bore similarities with the famous film, which it most certainly does not.

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My new book, Bruno’s Choice, has hit its first target. I passed the 10,000 word marker this morning. I can’t remember what the 10,000th word was, but it doesn’t matter. It probably will not retain that status for long. I overhaul my work constantly, so it changes all the time.

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Now that Julie Rutter’s latest adventure, The Hunted Angel, has clocked up its initial sales, I have spent much of the last couple of weeks doing housekeeping on my other books. All have gone through a thorough re-examintation by Word’s built-in grammar checker, which unearthed a number of minor errors that I had not realised were present.

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