A flurry of writing over the past few days has resulted in the first draft of the book being completed! Not two minutes ago. I have literally just had time to save the document.

The whole book clocked in at 138,340 words, the last of which was over. Between them, they make up 464 pages of text.

The job is far from finished, though. Next comes editing, then proofreading and final checks before it can be published.

Of these, the biggest task is the editing. This will reduce the overall length. Inexperienced writers think that editing just means correcting the typing errors. It doesn’t. Modern word processors have spellcheckers built-in, so there shouldn’t be any typos anyway. The editing process involves going through the entire text with a fine-tooth comb, weeding out unnecessary text and improving passages wherever possible. I will detail the process in a subsequent post. It will take several weeks to complete. Having written the book once, effectively, I will be rewriting it.

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