Revising Amazon Entries

Hi. Now that the site is up and running, I have been checking my output on Amazon which, not surprisingly, is where the bulk of my sales are to be found. The Kindle and paperback editions of each book are supposed to be listed together on my author page, so a simple click on the link in this site will take you to that book’s entry, whereupon you have the choice of which version to browse.

You would think that would be easy, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. Imagine my annoyance at discovering that the fourth ‘Avalind’ book, ‘The Ancient Realm’, did not have its paperback edition listed at all. Instead, it showed the Kindle edition correctly, but an obsolete version of the paperback edition was listed elsewhere as no longer available.

Fortunately, an email to Amazon sorted it all out and the two are now listed correctly. Now I must check all the other books to make sure they are correct as well.

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